Tuesday, March 3, 2009


I heard about the rumors surrounding the Bachelor but watched with the rest of America hoping they weren't true, except for him picking Melissa. I liked Melissa and after he let Jillian go, who was my favorite, I was hoping he would pick Melissa. So, he picks Melissa, they all jump in the pool and the live happily ever after!!!!

Or do they....

After the final Rose is when it gets interesting, Jason breaks up with Melissa on national television. What a JERK!!! I really thought Jason was a genuine nice guy and with everything that he has been through, that if it wasn't working with Melissa he would have done what he did in private. JASON, YOU DON'T BREAK UP WITH YOUR FIANCEE' ON NATIONAL TELEVISION!!!!

So, with that I believe that the speculations are true, that this was a big ploy by ABC to get more ratings. The whole show, After the Final Rose, was scripted with bad acting. I really don't think Melissa was blindsided, I think she knew something was up. And this is why, did you see the way they greeted each other, they gave each other what I call a courtesy hug. I was expecting them to at least kiss each other. Second, one of the rumors was that Jason was seeing Molly on the weekends that he wasn't Melissa and Chris Harrison kept making a big deal of them not seeing each other until last night. Molly was trying hard to be mad and holding back a grin. Also, what is up with her saying, "What about Melissa?" and by the end of the show she is all over him. I have some advice for Molly, if he will do it to Melissa he will do it to you. Is Molly that desperate that she will take sloppy seconds. She should have told him to get a life!!!

It is completely ridiculous and I am never watching another episode of The Bachelor again!!!


  1. I agree with you that Melissa knew what was going on even tho the host said she didn't by the way they greeted each other. She was very cold. And then the way Molly was acting. She knew too! But...if Jason wasn't feeling it, I believe that it was best that he did break up with her. Better than divorce. And it had to be on national TV because that is what it is the show is all about: Sensationalism. Molly should think about this long and hard as he broke Melissa's heart, he could break hers as well. Six weeks is NOT long enough to find a life partner! That's my story and I'm sticking to it!

  2. Jason was on Jimmy Kimmel last night and he said he had communicated with Melissa by text and phone that he was going to break up with her, but that was their first encounter in person.
    That is why they didn't have an audience. Not because they were trying to protect the people as Chris said, but because they needed several takes.

  3. I wanted to stay up and watch that, but I was to tired.

  4. Amen, amen, and amen!!!

    It was disgusting.