Friday, February 13, 2009

Blessed and Burdened

I would first like to say that I am so blessed. I have three beautiful boys, a great husband, a wonderful family, a roof over my head and food to eat. Amongst other thinks that are all extra. With that being said I have been so burdened for others, sick children, tornado victims, and people getting laid off.

Through my blog reading I was introduced to the story of a beautiful 10 month old girl named Cora. Less than a month ago she was diagnosed with and lost her battle with Neuroblastoma Cancer. I was feeling so many emotions. I don't even know this little girl or her family but I found myself being angry and saddened by what this family was going through. I can't even imagine losing a child and yet Cora's parents in the midst of their sadness and anger have shown amazing faith and have ministered to me what is means to have an authentic relationship with God no matter the circumstances. Please go HERE to their blog and read Cora's story it will truly inspire you. Also, they are building a playground in Cora's memory. It is going to be built at the church they attend. Please click on the pink Playground for Cora link to the right and see how you can help, 100 percent of the proceeds go to help build the playground.

I really don't know why my heart has been heavy and burdened but I do know that God has told us not to worry and that he is in control. He is our provider and my hope has to be in that. In the case of Cora, they were praying that the cancer would be gone and God answered their prayers, Cora's cancer is gone and she is walking the streets of Heaven.

What have you been burdened with lately?

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