Thursday, February 26, 2009

11 Things you REALLY want to know about me

Well, since my life is soooooooo exciting!

Translation, I haven't changed out of my pajamas and have been cleaning and doing laundry all day and I have nothing exciting to blog about.

So here you go.

1. We just moved from Fresno, California to Alpharetta, Georgia 9 months ago

2. I have 3 boys (which really means I have 6 kids)

3. In June I will be married for 6 years to my best friend.

4. I LOVE Pesi, and in the south no one has Pepsi and when I ask if they do, they look at me like I am CRAZY. Which might be true, but not because I drink Pepsi.

5. I am a stay at home Mom, and I love it!!!!

6. I hate to dust and clean the shower.

7. I am reading The Total Money Makeover by Dave Ramsey. I highly recommend it!

8. I really miss Fresno!

9. I am on a diet.

10. I LOVE food, which would explain number 9.

11. I love to cook.

Thanks to Pampering Beki for the idea.


  1. I am so with you on #6! I make Nathan clean the floor of the shower & I use X-14 to spray the walls. It works really well. Fresno misses you too! Someone in Clovis does as well! I like you #2, but actually it's 4 boys which makes 8 since you are married! :)

  2. I dont even know why you moved?? And since your boys are small, its like 9. ;)

  3. Great picture! Wish you were in the picture as well. Miss you guys; can't wait to see you!