Tuesday, May 26, 2009

My Thoughts

I was so saddened watching Jon & Kate Plus 8 last night. My heart ached for the both of them. Marriage is hard enough without living in the spot light. I am not even going to try to hash out what has been going on in their marriage. What I know is that we serve a big God that can mend and heal our hearts no matter how difficult the situation may be. What a great message to their kids and to the world if Jon and Kate could show true forgiveness and love. My hope and prayer is that they choose to fight for their marriage and show the world that when you say "I DO" it is for better or worse.

Edited to add: I was reading comments on Jon & Kate's Facebook and for the most part they are uplifting and encouraging to Jon & Kate. But there are some people who are being very judgmental. We only know what we see on TV and have no idea what is real and what is in their hearts. We need to be lifting them up and praying for them not judging them. Also, when you are faced with something like this in your marriage it is very hard to deal with and the fact that some of you are saying that Kate changed and is all about the money now is not right. Jon & Kate both decided this journey for their family. They both are to blame and therefore it is not only one person's fault.

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  1. I dont know anything about them, but I do have her book. Whats going on?